Allo Cancelation Policy

Allo understands that sometimes families need to cancel their membership. Allo provides two options for membership cancelations.

  1. You may cancel your membership by converting your remaining months to 10 packs. For example, if you had a 6 month commitment, and you had two months remaining on your membership, you could make an immediate payment or choose to charge $180 on your next monthly billing cycle. The benefit of this option is that your 10 pack passes never expire, and can be gifted, or used by anyone.
  2. You may choose to pay the cancelation fee of 1/3 of your remaining membership balance. For example, if you have two months of a 3 month membership for 1 child remaining, your cancelation fee would be $73.00 + any pro-rated amount for the current month. Your membership would immediately end at the time of cancelation.

Please contact an Allo Manager if you have any questions.